We do a lot to improve our local community...

The Alpha Men & Divas of Tomorrow Youth Organization is a Las Vegas based leadership group founded in 1995 for high school youth. Our organization is under the auspices of the Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, Inc. - Theta Pi Lambda Chapter and Theta Pi Lambda Foundation. The TPL Foundation is a 501(c)3 tax-exempt, non-profit organization established to supply funding for academic programming and scholarships for both the youth group and local chapter.

Our organization is designed to foster growth of our youth morally, ethically, and professionally through academic achievement. Thus we mentor our youth in the following areas:

  • Career Exploration
  • Community Service
  • Proficiency Exam Review
  • ACT/SAT Test Preparation
  • FAFSA/NCAA Clearing House
  • Conflict Resolution
  • Resume Building
  • College Preparation
  • Self Development
  • Scholarship Search

For more information, please contact Brother Marvin Norwood II at

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AMDOT Advisors


Terence Capers - Director of Operations
Sean Tory - Membership Coordinator
Josh Igeleke - Finance Coordinator
Marvin Norwood II - Marketing Coordinator
Syvester Obafunwa - Conduct/Disciplinarian
Gus McNair - General Advisor
Nitza Brand - Education Coordinator
Glennetta Capers - Fundraising Coordinator
Patrina McKinney - Community Service Coordinator
Ebony Igeleke - Parent Engagement & Outreach
Feven Soloman - Marketing Coordinator


Nitza Brand Restrepo
Brittany Durr
Marvin Norwood
Keith Rogers